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Our Cooperative

S. S. Anzer Ballıköy Development Cooperative Rize province, İkizdere province, formerly known as Anzer, was founded in 1988 by the people of Anzer village in order to keep and protect the world famous Anzer honey in a new name in Ballıköy.

The center of our cooperative is Rize city center. Our cooperative has 114 (fourteen) partners. Mostly imitated in the world scale, the co-operative partner of Anzer honey, which is the most wanted to be fired on the market, and other ballets produced by the people of Anzer village (Ballıköy) are generally harvested at the beginning of August and delivered to our cooperative.

At least 3 or 4 people from the cooperative management and 250 gram glass bottles from Anzer under the supervision of food engineer are taken and numbered. The incoming honey is weighed and kept in 3 copies.

The same number is shot in the remaining bales, weighed and 3 copies of the bottle are handled. One of the 3 copies is the producer, one is brought to the bala and one is left to our cooperative. The sealed honey steel and alarm cabinets are sealed. A sample of 250 grams is taken from Hacettepe University, Faculty of Science, Department of Biology, Department of Applied Biology.


Pollen analysis, humidity, sugar, glucose and sucrose assay are performed in the bald. The cooperative is informed by an official letter that the anzer is not suitable for honey. Hacettepe University does not make any other real and legal personality analysis of Anzer balığımız absolutely and definitely except our cooperative.

The baller which is not compatible with the baller is returned to the producers. The assay fee is collected from the manufacturers. Baller which is suitable for baler is weighed and delivered to the producer. At least 3 people from our cooperative management and those working under the supervision of a food engineer, in a hygienic environment, are given 250 grams, 500 grams and 1000 grams of safety bandage to glass jars and sealed and sealed with a lid seal.

Our cooperative has production permission, filling permit, TSE certificate, Anzer and Anzer balı brands in Turkish Patent Institute. In addition, our cooperative does not have a sales department and distributorship in any place. We work directly as a public offering.

Now that we have seen that we can not be effective enough to deter criminal cases and criminal cases opened against judicial authorities in the case of individuals and organizations imitating individual products of our cooperative


"Anzer Bal Cooperative", "Anzer Cooperative", "TSE Approved Anzer Balı", "Anzer Ballı Köy Kurumsal Sitesi", "Hacettep Üniversitesi Tahlli Anzer Balı" and using misleading names such as S.S. Anzer Ballıköy Agricultural Development Cooperative, which has nothing to do with the following web pages, companies, individuals and organizations we present information to the public.